For business owners, first impressions are of high importance. For many businesses, one of the first things a customer sees is the building’s landscaping. Believe it or not, a business’s landscaping can influence a customer or clients first impression. Businesses with carefully maintained lawns give customers the impression that they are serious and have good attention to detail. With enough on their plate already, it may be hard for business owners to find the time to take of their lawn and landscaping. In fact, the time business owners spend on lawn maintenance is valuable time that could be spent on more important things, like customer service and growing their business.

Because business owners shouldn’t have to focus on lawn maintenance, hiring a commercial landscaping to handle their lawn care needs is a great way to ensure that the exterior of their business keeps a professional and clean look.

What is commercial landscaping?

A commercial landscape might include grass, trees, shrubbery, pathways, lighting, irrigation systems, fountains, patios, and much more. A commercial landscape plays an important role in a business’s first impression. In order for businesses to create a beautiful, professional look for the exterior for their business, teaming up with a professional landscaping company is usually the first step. It is important for businesses to choose a landscaping service that can access the site, analyze the soil and the sunlight, and help them choose the best colors, shapes, textures, and styles to best match their establishment.

Benefits of commercial landscaping maintenance

Well-designed and maintained commercial landscaping will create a positive, lasting impressions. While commercial landscaping may be an investment for some businesses, the overall effect has been known to create many benefits for businesses. Let’s check out a few:

Benefit #1: Increased curb appeal

While looks aren’t everything, they do influence a customer’s views about a business. By hiring a landscaping company, businesses can become even more appealing to their customer base. A professional landscaping company will know how to place organic and inorganic materials to create an appealing and welcoming exterior. A well-maintained lawn complete with flowers, shrubbery, trees, and more is always a great addition to a business, as it shows clients and partners that the business cares about its appearance.

Benefit #2: Increased employee productivity

What many people don’t know is that a well-maintained landscape will lead employees to feel more comfortable. In addition, studies have proven that when a workplaces environment is well-kept and appealing, employees will have more productive work days. It is believed that elements of the natural world help strengthen employee morale and dedication so if your employees could use a mental boost, as a business owner it may be time to invest in landscaping maintenance to add some natural elements around the office. Employees will enjoy a tranquil courtyard where they can take breaks and center themselves again.

M&C Landscapes Tip: For a beautiful and functional look, businesses should look for creative ways to integrate their landscaping and hardscaping.

Benefit #3: Saves Time

As mentioned above, many business owners do not have the time. However, hiring a landscaping service will save business owners a considerable amount of time. When hiring a landscaping company, business owners no longer have to worry about mowing the grass, fertilizing, pruning, watering plants, and other time-consuming lawn care tasks. This saved time, of course, can be used by owners to focus on the more important things of running their business.

Benefit #4: Adds to property value

Maybe you are in a business that is quickly growing out of its current commercial space. This is one of many reasons a business owner may need to sell their commercial property. By investing in professional landscaping maintenance done to their commercial property, businesses are actually increasing the property’s value. Why? Well, the more attractive a commercial space is, the more it will be worth. In addition, another benefit is that landscaping maintenance will help businesses diversify themselves from competitors that do not see the value in investing in their surroundings.

Benefit #5: Creates an economic advantage

Because customers and clients are more likely to spend more time and money at businesses they perceive as good, commercial landscaping can come with an economic advantage for business owners. Multiple studies have shown that customers will spend more money at a business that is clean and well maintained, which is perceived by customers as a sign of a caring and efficient approach.

Benefit #6: Saves money on equipment

For a business that doesn’t specialize in lawn care, purchasing and maintaining lawn care equipment can add up and become a very expensive and time-consuming task. In addition to paying the upfront costs of buying lawn care equipment, business owners will also eventually have to cough up some cash to cover any maintenance or repair costs that come up. It can be significantly more cost-effective to hire a landscaping company — who will likely already have the professional equipment and tools needed to perform lawn maintenance services efficiently, giving business owners the results they want without the interruption of their daily operations.

Benefit #7: Consistent results

When businesses choose to hire a landscaping service, the professional landscapers will assess their specific landscaping needs while implementing a method to ensure that the business’s lawn maintenance needs are met each and every time they come out to perform their landscaping services.

Benefit #10: Creates more meeting and living space

No employee will want to take their break in a patchy lawn without any trees or flora. Having a well-manicured outdoor area creates an opportunity for employees and visitors a place to take breaks and interact with each other and nature. It also creates a beautiful and unique space to meet and talk with customers and clients. By having an appealing exterior, employees will be more motivated to go out and enjoy the natural elements.

Benefit #9: Can lower energy bills

Wait a minute, landscaping can lower energy costs? Yes, you read that right. Not everyone realizes that landscaping can actually help out the HVAC systems in both residential and commercial buildings. The shades from trees can help lower air conditioning bills in the summer while other trees and shrubbery can act as a snow barrier in the winter to keep a structure warmer.

As you can see there are plenty of benefits that come with hiring a professional landscaping company for businesses. If you are a business owner and are looking for commercial landscaping in Maryland, Virginia, or the metro Washington DC area, be sure to contact M & C Landscapes! Our landscaping company specializes in both residential and commercial landscape maintenance. We have been providing Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC with our landscaping services for over 20 years, which is why we are one of the best landscaping companies around! To learn more about our landscaping services, contact M & C Landscapes today!