Benefits of ClifRock

With Clifrock’s engineered stone panel system and simplified installation process, all traditional methods for outdoor construction have been surpassed. Opposed to stone masonry, ClifRock’s fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material, paired with a simple three-step installation, process, makes constructing outdoor living spaces and landscaping fast and affordable. With ClifRock, it is possible to create custom outdoor kitchens, seating walls, grottos, water features, swimming pool features, fire features, and so much more.

Panel Masonry Technology

ClifRock’s Panel Masonry™ technology is an impressive development in outdoor living space construction. This technology uses a simple installation process to replicate the appearance of natural stone. Compared to traditional masonry materials and methods, ClifRock’s method is not only more simple and efficient, it doesn’t come with the hassle and problems typically associated with masonry.

Engineered boulders

With ClifRock’s boulder panel system, even the simplest rock environments or spacious boulders van be installed without the need for heavy equipment and machinery. With this system, the time and cost it takes to create residential and commercial rock environments is significantly decreased. ClifRock’s boulder panels are precast and can be installed in any residential or commercial outdoor environment.

Choose M & C Landscapes for ClifRock Installation

Instead of hiring a masonry contractor, save time and money by contacting a certified ClifRock installer. M & C Landscapes is a ClifRock Certified Pro Installer. Our landscaping team has been trained and certified in both product applications and building methodology. Whether you want massive boulders or a backyard waterfall, our team of authorized installers can create just about any custom outdoor living spaces for almost any homeowner. Using ClifRock makes it affordable to create beautiful outdoor living spaces, and our team will discuss the process with you from start to end. For the look of natural stone with a fraction of the price, difficulties, and installation time, contact M & C Landscapes today for a free ClifRock consultation. We offer landscaping services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C! Visit our site to learn more!