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Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lighting can transform a property at night while highlighting architectural features, conversation areas, fountains, walkways and more.  Our lighting systems will add value to your home while providing a safe secure outdoor environment for your family and friends.

M&C Landscapes, Inc.  will custom design, install and maintain a cost-effective, low voltage exterior lighting system which will enhance the beauty of your home, pool area, garden or deck.  We use only top quality products designed of solid brass, copper, stainless steel and high density composites, and we offer cost-saving LED lighting and traditional halogen.  

Landscape Lighting Options

  • Spot Lighting can dramatically highlight ornamental and shade trees, statues, shrubs or building features.
  • Submersible Lighting is similar to Fountain Lighting or Pond Lighting which can dramatically enhance water features.
  • Moon Lighting are fixtures placed in elevated areas such as tree branches, or tree trunks that illuminate a large area while imitating natural moonlight.
  • Shadow Lighting is a technique that is very similar to silhouetting. Shadowing is created by placing the light source in front of an object, projecting an image onto a wall or other flat vertical surface.
  • Silhouette Lighting  are fixtures projected onto a wall or flat vertical surface from directly behind a object, plant or shrubbery.
  • Walkway Lighting  can safely light paths while highlighting plants or shrubs along the way.




We use the following brands:

   kichler lighting cast lighting